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Our Special Welcome Offer!
Maintaining your laundry is now easy with our special welcome offer.

Salons & Spas

Our services provide great value to salons and spas, as we take the hassle out of laundering and replacing towels, leaving them free to focus on their customers. Our services are specially designed to make sure that the towels used remain clean, hygienic and pleasant smelling.

Hotels & Motels

Our professional cleaning services give hotels and motels the ability to provide their guests with clean, high-quality bedding and table linens without having to employ an in-house staff for laundering them. This luxury ensures that customers can experience a clean and comfortable stay.

Sports Centres

Our professional cleaning services ensures that the uniforms used by the players are clean, hygienic and odour free. This would ensure that every player enjoys the sport without worrying about potential health risks exposed due to unhygienic uniforms.

Nursing Homes

Our services for nursing homes include specialised cleaning services to make sure that bedding, towels and napkins used are properly sanitized and disinfected to ensure safe and hygienic stay for all the residents.